"The City Dweller" is a simple invention that allows you to carry your knife inside of your pocket and not draw undue attention of onlookers. The idea for the "City Dweller" Pen Lanyard came not long after the conclusion of a speech that Mr. Michael Bloomberg gave in which he declared that his police force would begin asking knife-carrying citizens to "show them" the knife if the clip indicates danger to a given officer.

PocketFrom my personal experience, the part where I show the officer my knife is the part right before my knife gets taken away from me. I'm not partial to showing my knife to anyone, for any reason... unless I'm using it.

I'm just guessing, but I'm thinking that a lot of you guys feel the same way?

If your pocket knife is of great value to you, this perfect little invention will be of great use to you.

No matter your chosen brand or type of pocket knife, this pen-cap lanyard clip will allow you to fly under the radar.

The Lanyard bead is fastened to the end of the 550 paracord and is constructed to resemble and function a lot like a pen cap might. With this tool, you're able to gain quick access to your knife if needed in a pinch, but you're also able to wear it in truly deep-pocket fashion so as not to raise any eyebrows.

The lanyard can be installed in a matter of seconds, and it's available in a few configurations to fit the knife it'll pair up with.

A sliding cylinder helps to tighten the cord up around the existing pocket clip that is secured to your knife, this way, the cord lays neater in your pocket.

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